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Mendoza Wineries was born out of a convergence of events. In 2008 Stephen Reiss and Janet Engelhard sold their home in Aspen, Colorado, where they had lived for 30 years. Storing what little they did not otherwise dispose of, Steve and Jan went on an adventure that many others only dream of.

One full year around the world (you can still read about it in their book at A Drink and A Year Off - exclusively for the iPad). It was at the tail end of that year that they visited Argentina and realized what a special place it is. The people, the wine, and the affordable lifestyle conspired to draw them in. After returning to the US just long enough to put their affairs in order, Steve and Jan took the plunge and moved to Argentina.

Steve had been publishing in one form or another for decades, and Jan had accumulated tens of thousands of pictures that they were anxious to share with the world. They toyed with the idea of writing a book or two, having already written several, but the cost of publishing full color photos made any book hard to sell.

In the early part of 2010 Apple released the iPad. It was evident from the start that this, and those tablets that would follow, were the ideal publishing platform for photos. The iPhone, iPod Touch and the various flavors of other Smartphones also gave their users a way to interact with the world in a completely new way.

Mendoza Wineries is designed from the ground up to take advantage of this revolution in publishing. Where this will lead time will tell, but we have many more ideas than we have yet put into practice, so there is much more to come.

JEPillarsm1Janet Engelhard is an accomplished photographer who spent most of her career in the fashion industry. Many women in Aspen long for her return to the retail world so that she might continue to help them navigate their wardrobes as she did for so many years. Their lost is your gain as Jan may now concentrate on her art, a small part of which is published in Mendoza Wineries. To enjoy another side of Jan's photography visit her web site at www.jengelhardstudios.com.



SRTastingsmStephen Reiss was apprenticing as a chef when he discovered, nearly by accident that his palate memory was a rare gift. Concentrating on the wine side of his career, Steve would continue to study, teach and write about wine for several decades. The author of www.WineEducation.com as well as several books and many articles on wine, Steve loves to share his passion for wine. With a veritable alphabet of degrees and a background in computing and business Steve is the epitome of the Renaissance Man. For a look at his life by the numbers you can visit his resume page at www.StephenReiss.com.



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Books by Stephen Reiss & Janet Engelhard - All Available from Apple's iTunes Book Store - Juice Jargon and Unraveling the Wine Knot are also available on Kindle or in Print.


DrinkYearOffCoverTN1A Drink and a Year Off - Travel around the world in 365 days.

Over 2000 Photos, so this book could only be created for the iPad.



MendozaJadedEyesTNMendoza Through Jaded Eyes - An exploration of the Wine Capital from a photographerwho has visited over 100 countries. iPad Only.




PerfectDayTNRecipe for the Perfect Day - An interactive cross between a cookbook and a self help book. Plan the perfect day off for you and your lover. iPad Only.




JJ5TNJuice Jargon - How to talk about Wine - With no more than 15 everyday words you can describe wine in a way that everyone can understand. This revolutionary book / wine dictionary, is used in wine schools around the world. iPad/iPhone, Kindle, Print.




unravelingTNUnraveling the Wine Knot - an irreverent look at wine - See what wine educator Stephen Reiss really thinks about wine, the industry and all the beliefs that surround it. iPad, Kindle, Print.


















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